Rochester Casino on Fast Track After $5 Million Sale


Rochester Casino on Fast Track After $5 Million Sale

Casino Developer Vows to Work With Local Leaders

A Chicago-based developer recently acquired the Lilac Mall in Rochester for $5 million and is now proposing to bring a charitable gaming casino to the mall – Rochester Casino. The developer, New England Gaming and Consulting LLC Principal Greg Carlin, holds one of the 11 licenses available in New Hampshire for charitable gambling facilities.

The plans for the Rochester casino are moving forward rapidly, and Carlin has submitted them to the city. The proposed casino would include gaming spaces of approximately 22,000 square feet, with part of it located in the former Kmart space and the old movie theater area.

Will there be a Rochester Casino anytime soon?

Rochester’s City Council has taken steps to pave the way for the casino, scheduling a public hearing on the topic for its October 17 meeting. A question asking voters if they want to allow a charitable gaming casino and sportsbook location in Rochester will also be included in the November 7 election.

If approved, the charitable Rochester casino could significantly benefit the mall and the local community. Residents will enjoy responsible gambling, sports betting, and gaming. The developer is dedicated to working with state and local leaders to raise funds for New Hampshire nonprofit organizations, including an estimated $3 million annually for Rochester alone.

The Lilac Mall, which has seen limited occupancy, is expected to see improvements and revitalization with the addition of the casino. Most of the existing businesses in the mall plan to remain, and the developer aims to invest substantially in the project, making it one of the most prominent charitable organizations in the state.

Gaming facilities in New Hampshire must be connected to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, and the proceeds from the casino would support various nonprofits in the area. With the potential to generate significant funds, the casino could be a catalyst for attracting more visitors to the mall and fostering economic development in the region.

In conclusion, the prospect of a charitable gaming casino at the Lilac Mall in Rochester represents an exciting opportunity for the city’s economic revitalization and philanthropic endeavors. With the Chicago-based developer, New England Gaming and Consulting LLC, taking the lead, plans are advancing rapidly, subject to approval from voters in the upcoming election.

The proposed casino not only promises to breathe new life into the mall but also offers a chance for local nonprofits to benefit from substantial funding. Rochester’s City Council’s proactive approach in creating a gaming ordinance and working closely with the developer demonstrates the commitment to making this venture a success.

As Rochester residents head to the polls, the potential impact of this charitable gaming casino should not be underestimated. The anticipated improvements to the mall, generous investment, and the support provided to nonprofits will undoubtedly contribute to a flourishing community.

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Should the voters approve the casino, Rochester will join the ranks of other New Hampshire cities with charitable gaming facilities, enhancing the state’s gaming landscape and furthering its philanthropic initiatives.

The charitable gaming casino at the Lilac Mall in Rochester holds the promise of not only economic revival but also a renewed sense of community engagement. By providing vital funding to local nonprofits, it fosters a spirit of giving back and supporting worthy causes. With strong cooperation between city leaders and the developer, the Rochester casino venture is poised to create a lasting positive impact on Rochester’s landscape.

Ultimately, this gaming project has the potential to transform the Lilac Mall into a vibrant and thriving hub, attracting visitors and fostering economic growth. The collective efforts of stakeholders, city leaders, and the developer will pave the way for a promising future, where both entertainment and benevolence go hand in hand.